Send a text message with a private note that only you and your team members may see:


Directly in an SMS chat, you can add a private note that only you and the other members of your internal team will see. Your clients will receive a copy of this confidential letter. This private note within a text messaging chat that is only available to you and your teammates.

Send a Private Message or Leave a Private Note:

Members of a conversation can privately communicate with one another using a private note. The messages are displayed in the channel but are not sent to the contact via SMS. They leave a brief remark in the middle of the text chat to make it easier for you to take notes during the meeting for yourself and other participants. Asking a question and receiving a response from another user without leaving the page can be helpful. You can note activities taken or conclusions reached for solo goals after a conversation has ended.

Observations on private notes

You can send private notes with any message type you like.

To identify the user who added the private note, the username, profile photo, and time stamp will be displayed alongside the private note message.

To refer to a member in a private remark, use the @ symbol. Above the text field, the names of the currently active members will appear; you may choose a member from the list.

You can add text, emoji’s, and pictures as a private note.

Private remarks are not included in your monthly SMS/MMS allotment total.

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